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Dedicated to serving the citizens of the City of Cullman...
Our mission is :
       To provide power service to the citizens of the City of Cullman in the most reliable, economic, customer-oriented and safe manner as possible.
I. Reliable:
     · Assure system integrity and reliability to
          the greatest extent possible.
     · Provide for intermediate as well as long
          range planning to meet the needs of
          future  growth of service area.
     · Implement a coordinated engineering plan 
          to maximize utilization of system
          facilities and loss management
 II. Economic/financial:
     · Maintain a stable financial position.
     · Follow coordinated financial plan to
          achieve attainable benchmark goals of
          economic indicators and ratios.
     · Increase financial reserves and decrease
          long term debt.
 III. Customer-oriented service:
     · Assure that all policies are customer
     ·  Be responsive to customer needs.
     · Promote the efficient use of energy.
     · Provide customer service in a kind and     
          courteous manner. 
     · A rate program that offers competitive
          rates to all customers.
     · Assist and support the economic
          development efforts of Cullman and
          Cullman County.
 IV. Safety:
     · Promote safety to employees and
          customers as a primary concern.
     · Apply procedures which are
          environmentally responsible and in
          compliance with all applicable