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Together Cullman Power Board and TVA offers several energy conservation programs to our Residential Customers.

· Energy Efficient Promotion Distributor Fact Sheet
Heat Pump Program*
New Water Heater Program (FREE) *
Incentives for "New" all-electric homes* 
Operation Share
Operation Round-Up®
Security Lighting Program
Several Payment Options
Bank Draft Payments
Social Security Customer

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Energy Efficient Promotion Distribution Fact Sheet:TOP
 To access the online audit, please visit  

 To request a mail-in Home e-Valuation audit or complete a request to receive the audit in the mail, please visit


Payment Options:TOP
 We provide our customers with several options for making utility payments.
   -  Cullman Power Board Office and
            drive-through window
   -   Night depository
   -   Mail
   -   Bank draft*
  -   Internet on-line Payments (check, credit or debit cards)
Payments may also be made at the following bank. They do not collect payments for past due accounts.
    -   Merchants Bank of Cullman and all branches
 To further benefit some of our Social Security customers, they may have their due date extended to the 5th of the following month, if their current due date falls between 25th - 30th.*

Heat Pump Program:
 Install a energy right® efficiency heat pump for central heating and air conditioning by a TVA  approved contractor.  If qualified you may finance a loan with no down payment at a low interest rate of 8% up to 120 months.  

 Water Heater Program:
 Convert from a gas water heater to an electric water heater and receive up to a
$100 credit on your next electric bill, or build a new home and install an electric water heater.

All-Electric Homes
Contractors who build all-electric new homes may qualify for Incentives.  ($$$$)  

 Bank Draft Payment:
 A convenient way for on-time payments.  Customers still receive a utility bill each month for their records.  It will be noted “paid by bank draft”.  We will mail the automatic bank draft straight to your bank and you do not have to worry about a due date.

Operation Share:
 A program which allows our customers to donate ($1) one dollar or more each month to a special fund.  Operation Share provides emergency energy needs to elderly, disabled, or sick people with little or no income who are experiencing financial crises.  This fund is administered by the Community Action Agency and Cullman County Chapter of the American Red Cross.  All contributions are tax deductible.  All funds remain in our service area.  To start your Operation Share contribution call 734-2343.

Operation Round-Up®:
 By rounding your utility bill up to the next highest whole dollar, your contribution of a few pennies will go to our local school systems for educational materials.  Local teachers are awarded 100% of the funds to directly benefit our local students. Operation Round-Up® is administered by a fifteen-member board.  No funds are expended for salaries or expenses.  All contributions are tax deductible and the average contribution is $6 per year.  If you would like to participate and become a part of making a difference in the quality of education for our children, please call our office to start your contribution, 734-2343.

Social Security Customer:
 This service is provided to further assist our elderly or handicapped customers who depend on Social Security Checks each month and may not receive their checks until the 1st or 3rd of the month. In this situation, we will extend the original due date from the 25th to the 5th of the following month.